Asthma and Arthritis
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- Dropped Most of My Nine Medications

Oct. 2010

Basic Information:


Age: 69

Condition: Severe asthma and arthritis


When I came to doctor Owen Liao in February 2009, I suffered with Asthma disease for three years. 

I could not sleep well. Every time when I have to go to bed, I have begin to cough. Amongst nights I was awaken. I heard a bear roaring in my chest, a cat mewing. Sometimes, I must sit over night because I could not breathe. 

I was walking like a lame duck in left leg for 18 months. It was my arthritis. Both legs were swollen; left leg was much swollen than the right. Now I don't worry about my legs. 

After I first came to Dr. Owen Liao, I was able to drop both inhalers for asthma and some other medications almost immediately. 

Now I take only 1/4 amount of my hypertension medication and only two another medications. Before it was 9 medications. 

My blood sugar is normal. I can hold it with a diet only. My weight is 8 lbs less. 

I am happy without any side effects from medications and nobody asks me any more: "What is wheezing in your chest?" 

God bless doctor Owen Liao!!! 

A.D. 10/18/2010 year

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