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Qigong Healing is a Wonderful Experience

Qi Is Essential to Life

Our Qigong healing is extremely effective. It relies on our Qigong healer's Qi as well as our Modern Chinese Medicine Theory.

Until now, there was not a complete definition of Qi. As we all know, Qi exists in every one of our bodies. It can be enhanced by a special form of exercise called Qigong. Qi not only exists in the human body, it also exists in all live objects. Because Qi is the vital energy which is required for all functions of life, once the body is dead, the body functions will be diminished immediately.

The Role of Qi in the Body

Qi is a form of energy. The physiological functions of our body can be performed only when there is Qi available to these functions. Once Qi arrives, then Qi instructs the body to make use of the hormones and nutrition supplied by the blood to complete these functions. In fact, although Qi is not visible it plays the leading role in our body. According to Chinese medicine, when Qi is not sufficient or too strong in one place, then the local physiological function will be undermined or over stimulated. If the situation is prolonged, it may become a disease over time.

Qi - A Clean Form of Medicine

Qigong healing uses Qi as the most clean form of medicine. A Qigong healer makes use of Qi to:

1) Identify the blockage of the Qi flow related to the primary conditions. The blockage is the source of the disease. It is what causes the body to have insufficient or excessive Qi.

2) Send the Qi to the blockage area and try to dissolve the blockage, which can resume the smooth flow of Qi. Hence, the condition can be reversed.

A Simple Principle of Qigong Healing

The principle of Qigong healing is very simple: "Pain results from Qi obstruction and pain ceases when Qi flows.

The Source of Healing Energy

The healing energy can come from two sources:

Internal Qi: The treatment of acupuncture and traditional Tuina are based on stimulating the Qi from the patient's own body. People can perform Qigong and achieve some level of relief from their illness, as well as practicing meditation.

External Qi: Qigong healing and Qigong Tuina, in which our Qigong healers use their Qi to perform treatment for patients. This is part of an external Qigong healing system, such as Tong Ren Therapy.

Qigong Diagnosis Finds the Blockages of Qi

Qigong can also be used to diagnose illness. Each Qigong healer's method of diagnosis can be different. For example, Master Tom Tam can feel a patient's illness and its cause directly, while Master Owen Liao uses his hands to scan the patient's Qi map of their body. It is almost like an x-ray in the western medicine system. Once the Qi map is read, we use our Modern Chinese Medicine Theory to further understand the cause and root of the causes so that  treatment can be applied.

Principles of Dissolving Blockages

Qigong healing is mainly based on the tonification and sedation of Qi to remove  pathogen Qi blockages:

Tonification: Tonification is used to increase insufficient Qi. Qi moves the blood and can improve the patient's immune system and self recovery capabilities.

Sedation: Sedation is used to remove any excess pathogen Qi, resulting in the reduction of  fever, removal of stagnation and clearing of toxic substances from the patient's body.

Advantages of Qigong Healing

Qigong healing has the following advantages: 

- As it can penetrate deep portions of our bones, organs, marrow, brain, and central nerves easily, it is very useful for serious illnesses and chronic diseases. 

- It works regardless of distance and it is what distance healing is based upon.

What Is the Feeling during Qigong Healing?

During Qigong healing, most patients will experience Qi sensations such as:

- Tingling, mild soreness, numbness, distention, heaviness, pain, warmness, coolness. Sometimes it includes sensation of slow flowing movement or electric-like movement.

- Sleepiness, mild sweating, body shaking, heaviness, lightness or lifting sensation.

Master Liao's Aura During Healing

Healings are still effective even if there is no sensation at all -  the session may just not seem as interesting. Over time, many of our patients will begin to sense the Qi sensation.. 

During and immediately after the Qigong healing, we recommend that our patients keep themselves warm and avoid getting cold. Patient should sit relaxed with their two hands on their lap and try not to talk too much.

In summary, Qigong healing does not solely rely on external Qi. To ensure highly effective healing results, knowledge of pathology and physiology and meridian systems are essential and are part of our Modern Chinese Medicine Theory. 

If you would like to know what our happy clients have to say, please visit our Testimonials page.

If you are interested in receiving our distance healing, please visit our Patients Must Know web page. For clinic hours and fees, please visit Our Services page. With our Qigong skills, along with our theory, we are capable of treating many chronic diseases. Please visit our "Treatable Diseases" page.


Eastern Healing Center provides Qigong healing, Pi Gu healing, Holistic Weight Loss, Distance Healing, Acupuncture and Tai Chi in Gaithersburg, Rockville, Potomac, and Germantown in Montgomery county, Maryland, and the whole Washington DC area.

Eastern Healing Center is located near the Old Towne Gaithersburg. Our office is only about 1 mile north to Rockville; 12 miles north to Bethesda, Silver Spring and Wheaton; 4 miles south to Germantwon and 6 miles east to Potomac. Gaithersburg is at the center of Montgomery county, Maryland. Montgomery County is a suburban county located in the state of Maryland, north of Washington DC.

Gaithersburg is surrounded by Rockville, Takoma Park, Barnesville, Bethesda, Brookeville, Chevy Chase, Darnestown, Germantown, Glen Echo, Kensington, Kentlands, Montgomery Village, North Potomac, Potomac, Silver Spring, Wheaton, etc.


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