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Holistic Healing of Chronic Disorders

Specialize in Both the Symptoms and the Root Causes

What Is A Chronic Condition?

A Chronic condition is an illness that is ongoing or recurring for a long time, or even a lifetime, and that canít be passed on by contact, such as neurological disorders, migraine, diabetes, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, hypertension, heart disease, Parkinsonís disease, kidney failure, lupus, cancer, etc.  These conditions have a high tendency to be passed onto later generations.

Chinese Medicine View of Chronic Conditions - Common Causes

Chronic conditions could be defined as a poor constitution, which means multiple meridians and layers of the body are affected significantly. The impacts to the body are intertwined, so the body canít heal itself as easily. Without sufficient energy flow through these meridians, the organs associated with the meridians will be deficient, then the organís physiological functions will be weakened, hence diseases and symptoms will be more apparent and persistent overtime. Below is a list of common causes:


With repeated or severe injuries, the energy pathways are heavily impaired or blocked. The common sources of injuries are car accidents, strenuous sport activities, surgeries and battles.

Severe illness

After severe illness, like polio, hepatitis, pneumonia, heart attack or high fever, the impact to the body is persistent. If it is not fully cured in time, it can easily transform itself from an acute state into a chronic state.


After experiencing a trauma, the impact to both mental and physical can be equally significant. More importantly, the instant mega use of the inner energy makes the body weakened immediately. This is why Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has a series of symptoms, such as exhaustion, upset stomach, headaches, sweating, etc.

Poor life style

Poor life style: not enough sleep or exercise; overeating; poor diet; polluted food, air and water; over exposure to coldness and dampness, can impair our health. If it is persistent, it then creates a pattern of blockages in the body and the symptoms can be worsened overtime, such as fibromyalgia, obesity, asthma, etc.

Birth defect

If one has a mutated gene or a trauma at birth, it can damage the personís physical or mental development.


Our original Qi (energy) keeps growing till puberty then begins its retreat. After middle age, people begin to experience some discomfort in multiple parts of the body. This indicates that the original Qi is not strong enough to supply the needed energy to some areas of the body. Mid-life crisis marks the beginning of this aging process.


Most medications have long lasting side effects. Prolonged use can impair the body in many ways and induce other chronic conditions, such as hypertension, arthritis, palpitation, heart burn, etc.

Diagnosis Is the Key, Then Treat the Root Causes

True healing of any chronic conditions starts with identifying the root causes, then follow a particular treatment plan to reduce the root causes and the symptoms at the same time. That way, the symptoms will be under control and eventually diminish when the condition is cured completely.

Prevention of Chronic Conditions

Good life style

Have a balanced and healthy diet

Take care of acute conditions and injuries promptly

Keep the body warm in cold weather

Perform Qigong exercise regularly

Avoid prolonged use of medication

From Prevention to Intervention - The Best of both Worlds, A Testimonial

Owen Liao, Ph.D. brings numerous Eastern perspectives (Qigong healer and Tai Chi Master) to his 15+ years of practice as a Licensed Acupuncturist. This method of health care allows Dr. Liao to share insights and ideas with his clients on wellness so that they can obtain a deeper integrated understanding of their health as they go through the healing process. Although his academic training shows through his logical and systematic acupuncture treatments, it is his combined personal care for the people he treats that separate him from other practitioners.

One more point must be made. Few areas like the present topic so vividly demonstrate the separateness and compartmentalization of Western approaches to the mind-body-spirit healing synergy and the contrast with Eastern unity. We Western take our philosophy in school, our spiritual needs in a house of worship, our physical exercise at the gym and our mental or meditative needs in classes. Working with Dr. Liao, the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of the human being are combined, not separated, integrated, and not divided.

Carl Brent Myers, Ed.D.

National Certified School Psychologist


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