Holistic Weight Loss
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How to Lose Weight? 

We Have the True Holistic Weight Loss Solution For You


Click to see the great story

Enjoy Our Successful Holistic Weight Loss Stories, Case after Case

Male 53 weighted 320 pounds initially

Male 53 lost 125 pounds in 10 months


Holistic Weight Loss Is A Wonderful Experience

Weight Loss cannot be easier and longer-lasting than with our Holistic Weight Loss program. While it makes your body more healthy physically, you will also feel calm and mentally peaceful. In most cases, after our Holistic Weight Loss treatment, you are not only closer to your ideal weight. You will also be feeling light or have a floating sensation. It is a wonderful experience! The best record here is "19 pounds lost in a week". The result is an amazing fast weight loss case.

Two Ways to Form the Holistic Weight Loss Approach

Our Holistic Weight Loss program helps you achieve healthy weight in two ways:

1. Treating the root causes of the overweight problem resulting in healthy weight.
2. Our treatment plans include our unique energy healing as part of our Pi Gu healing services. This energy is also excellent for enhancing the mental state and balancing the emotions. During the healing, in most cases, the patients will feel calm and peaceful.

A Universal Holistic Weight Loss Approach

At Eastern Healing Center, our uniquely developed weight loss program, Holistic Weight Loss, was created by Qigong master Owen Liao. Master Liao's research employs his true understanding of the body's physiology on energy. After his long-time efforts, produced this universal weight management program, which combines the following services, and is capable of producing amazing weight reduction results for almost all kinds of weight gain conditions:




Pi Gu healing


Qigong TuiNa (Chinese style massage with the power of Qigong or energy)


Qigong exercise


Pi Gu Diet


Pulse massage

At Eastern Healing Center, each case will be evaluated by Master Liao individually. Then he will develop a customized plan, which targets each root cause of the individual's overweight condition. 

A Solely Energy Based Weight Loss Program 

The individualized plan does not use any medications or vitamins. The plan will employ some or all of the energy based modalities mentioned above to rebalance the individual's body physically and help the patient return to normal weight at amazing speed whenever it is possible. 

Pi Gu State Reduces Cravings 

With No Use of Willpower

The customized plan will most likely include the reduction of food cravings and appetite, which are managed by our unique Qigong healing service - Pi Gu ( ( ㄆㄧˋ ) ( ㄍㄨˇ ) ). Pi Gu is an ancient Chinese Qigong healing art of fasting. Pi Gu stands for "stop eating" in Chinese. With the help of Pi Gu, one will naturally reduce food intake without the use of willpower. It is really easy to follow. In many cases, patients will stop eating completely for a number of days while maintaining a high energy level and is able to perform their regular jobs wonderfully. When this happens, the person is in the full Pi Gu state.

Pi Gu Weight Loss Available From a Distance

Pi Gu is an ancient Chinese energy healing art and can be delivered by our distance healing service. Distance healing can deliver our energy to any corner in the world, as long as the patient connects with our Qigong practitioner by phone during a treatment session. The preferred environment for the patient is sitting relaxed in a closed room. The Pi Gu energy will come through instantly and the patient should be able to receive the benefit of the Pi Gu state afterwards. Click to see our weight loss case by distance healing.

Recognizes Underline Causes of Weight Gain

We may all know that weight gain is most likely caused by overeating. That is why most weight loss programs focus on fasting alone, partially or fully, by some special diet offerings. At Eastern Healing Center, we developed our Holistic Weight Loss program by recognizing all the underlying causes of most weight gain conditions, including:




Food cravings


Lack of exercise


Low energy


Energy blockages


Water retention and edema



Enduring Weight Loss Result

As mentioned above, fasting and exercise can only deal with some of the over weight aspects. In some difficult cases, to lose weight is not easy at all. It is because there might be a strong blockage in the body which prevents energy from flowing smoothly. Energy blockages are the source of many other deeply rooted causes of weight gain, including water retention, edema and hypothyroidism. If they are not all addressed, weight lost will inevitably return sooner or later. In contrast, the weight loss result of our Holistic Weigh Loss program endures much better. It is simply because our program addresses the underlying issues of what causes weight gain.

 Holistic Healing Functions

With potentially so many factors involved in all overweight conditions, there is no simple way to address all cases universally. At Eastern Healing Center, with our extensive experience of energy healing, we are able to come out with the required healing services to provide necessary healing functions to address each one of the root causes of gaining weight. With this advantage, we can offer services of true weight loss holistically.

Effectiveness May Vary by Constitution and Preferences

The effectiveness of our weight programs could be customized per your personal preferences. It is also very much dependent upon one's constitution including:


The severity of the condition


The patient's constitution


The intensity of the treatment, i.e., number of treatments per week.


The frequency of the exercise


The extent of the Pi Gu Diet program


The preferences of our healing services and lifestyle

Call and Enjoy Your Healthy Shape Now

If you are overweight and have tried many other weight loss programs, our universal weight reduction program, the Holistic Weight Loss program, is your last resort. Call Eastern Healing Center at 301-519-2346 or email Master Liao at for appointments and begin to enjoy your exciting weight reduction experience and your new healthy shape.

More Resources about Weight Loss

If you are interested in finding out the best way of determining your ideal weight, below are a few useful links for you to follow. Please let us know if you find anything better than what we know here. We are happy to list them here too.

bulletPi Gu Healing helps to reduce the appetite and shrink the stomach by charging the energy to the body.
bulletPi Gu Fasting is a unique fasting program which is regulated by the level of the energy in the body.
bulletHolistic Healing Functions page shows you how we target the underlying causes of any weight gain conditions universally.
bulletEssence Tai Chi is a Yang style Tai Chi routine which consists of 15 movements. It can be learned in 8 hours. When practiced, it only takes 4 minutes and needs a 6'x6' flat space.
bullet"Evened Emotions Decrease Overeating" is one of our strengths in managing the appropriate appetite.
bulletSuccessful weight loss stories page shares with you a series of live cases.
bulletAcupuncture research on weight loss
bulletIdeal Weight - What should be your ideal weight?
bulletBMI - Body Mass Index is a way to measure the body fat.
bulletWeight-control Information Network, NIH - It was established in 1994 to provide the general public, health professionals, the media, and Congress with up-to-date, science-based information on obesity, weight control, physical activity, and related nutritional issues.


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