Male 53 Lost 125 Pounds
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Holistic Weight Loss

53 Year Old Male Lost 125 Pounds - A Great Success Story


Basic information:


Age: 53

Initial weight: 320 pounds, morbid obesity

Initial treatment date: 7/8/2005


A 53 year old  male lost 125 pounds from 320 pounds to 194.5 pounds in 10 months. It was from July 8, 2005 to May 5, 2006.


320 lb

61" waist


285 lb

56.5" waist


262 lb

53.25" waist


241.5 lb

50.5" waist


222 lb

48.5" waist


211.5 lb

 46.5" waist


194 lb

 44.5" waist


Patient's testimonial:


In July of 2005, I saw Owen Liao for the first time. I saw him for a number of reasons, among them assistance in losing weight. Like most people, I had tried every "diet" that was out there, and had lost hundreds of pounds over the years, only to gain it all back-and then some.

I had had some success fasting in prior years, but always seemed unable to keep the weight off-something kept pulling me back to my old bad habits. When I saw Owen for the first time, I had been fasting for about a while, and once again lost a good deal of weight. I originally began fasting to detoxify and for my edema, not for weight loss purposes.

But as long as I was losing weight, I began think about how I could continue. Knowing my past history on the "yo-yo" diets, I began to fear that the same old cycle would repeat itself-that I would soon be unable to resist the food cravings.

I had come across a book called Pi Gu, which is a high-energy method of fasting, which Owen Liao had given my wife years earlier, and I decided to ask him about it.

I made an appointment, and Owen said he believed he could help me-that the root of my problem was an energy imbalance or blockage. He developed a treatment plan consisting of Tong Ren, Pi Gu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong exercises, his own Tui Na, and Acupuncture. He "tied up" my stomach, to help with my appetite, and his energy helped me deal with my cravings. I also continued to meditate daily.

When I first went to see Owen in July of 2005, I weighed approximately 320 lbs. In the months that followed, I have seen him regularly. When I saw him on February 3, 2006, I weighed approximately 222 lbs. In that time, about six months, I have lost 98 lbs.

I have had my ups and downs. During the Holiday season, I gained some weight back. However, I lost it immediately. In the past, that type of weight gain would have signaled the beginning of the "weight gain" portion of my "yo-yo" cycle, the entry into a period of loss of control that would inevitably lead to a huge increase in weight.

This time, however, was different. This time, I have not succumbed to the cravings-I have been able to stay on track. I firmly believe that Owen's weight loss program helped make the difference.

During a large part of the program, Owen would supplement my energy to assist with the Pi Gu. As he often does with his patients, Owen re-evaluates them periodically, and adjusts his program to maximize the benefits. In my case, he changed the focus of his Tong Ren energy healing, from Pi Gu to generally increasing my body warmth. The effect was dramatic, and enervating. From one Thursday to the next Thursday, I lost 19 pounds.

During one acupuncture session, my right leg began to twitch very strongly, and for a sustained period of time. Owen said that this is due to a blockage being opened.

I feel lighter and stronger internally. My "buffalo hump" is much smaller and I am much more flexible. My hands and feet are much warmer. My pant size is down by 5 sizes and I am on my third belt. My balance is infinitely better.

I feel great!

Initially, I started on the full Pi Gu state, and now I have juice about every other day, and eat occasionally-perhaps 500-750 calories every 2-3 days. I have been checked out by two doctors and am in excellent health.

My last blood pressure reading was 94/57 with a resting pulse rate of 45.

I have been able to continue losing weight with Owen's program, and look forward to losing even more weight, and keeping it off for good.

I would recommend Owen Liao's weight loss program to anyone.

Steve Leas

February 2006


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