Energy Blockages
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Energy Blockages and Chronic Illnesses

Modern Chinese Medicine - Revealing An Ancient Wisdom

“When Qi flows freely along the meridians, people are free from illness; If the Qi is blocked, the pain follows.”

These two statements have been important in Chinese medicinal principles, according to the wisdom of Chinese medicine, many thousands of years ago. In our Modern Chinese Medicine, it is Master Liao’s ambition to reveal some of these metaphors in Chinese Medicine. In other words, to translate these ancient metaphors into modern medical terms and modernize Chinese medicine.

Blockages - Deposits of Chemical Waste - Causes of Chronic Illnesses

A blockage can occur in any location in the human body. Symptoms of a blockage manifest as a slowing of the flow of Qi and blood. Thus, when there is a blockage, the local metabolism slows down and the body structure becomes less energetic. This slow-down makes the local body systems less capable of removing chemical waste by blood or lymph and causes further deposition of chemical waste in the same area. These activities will repeat themselves indefinitely. Once the local energy level falls below a certain threshold, the onset of a chronic illness is near. If it is not treated, the condition will worsen over time. For example: Healthy muscles should have a very relaxed and soft muscle tone. A joint should not be enlarged. If you discover that your elbow is enlarged and your muscle is hardened, it will be painful if you press on it. These symptoms indicate a blockage in your elbow.

The Relationship of Blockage and Illness - Chinese Meridian Systems

With any physical or emotional illness, a blockages will be found some where in the body. These blockages may or may not occur next to the troubled organ or structure. Fortunately, Chinese meridian systems explain most of these relations by laying out the blockages or acupuncture points systematically, which enable us to treat headaches by using points on the patient’s foot, for example. Most importantly, results are profound. 

Joints Are More Likely to Be Blocked

It is interesting to note that most of the acupuncture points are located close to the joints. Because the joints support movement, this causes a much higher level of stress to the joint structure than to the surrounding tissue. Qi and blood flow must be sufficient to replenish the energy required to perform joint movements. Otherwise, a blockage forms, which is difficult for the body to remove on its own. 

The Most Important Joints - Spine - Tom Tam Healing System

The most important joints in the body are found in the spine. HuaTo JaJi is a group of 34 points on both sides of the spinal column. This was discovered by HuaTo, one of the most famous ancient Chinese doctors about 1,700 years ago. He treated many difficult cases by using these seventeen pairs of points. Master Tom Tam has reconfirmed the functions of these 34 points and has expanded them to cover the spine in the neck and sacral area. He named it the Tom Tam Healing System. He first published the Tom Tam Healing System in 1995. Recently, Tom has extended his system again and has included the scalp. Last year, Master Tom Tam added the Qi Loop theory to the system. The points in the Tom Tam Healing System are very effective for chronic disorders such as depression, lupus, M.S., M.D., A.L.S., diabetes, etc.

Opening Blockages – Healing Illnesses

Despite interruption by blockages, our body retains the memory of healthy Qi and blood flow.  Once the blockages are opened and removed, our body will restore the flow of Qi back to the original pattern, resulting in the curing of illness. Opening a blockage results in pumping out the deposits of chemical waste from the acupuncture point or the blockage. To open the blockages in the body, stimulation is required. This can be done by Acupuncture, Tuina or Qigong healing. Once stimulation is supplied, the body will move more Qi and blood to the particular point and enable the body to move waste out. The waste pumps require energy to operate. Qigong healing sends Qi directly to the blockage and enables the waste pumps to operate more efficiently so that chemical waste can be removed more effectively.

Prevention – Essence Tai Chi Is Highly Recommended

Essence Tai Chi is a very gentle relaxing exercise. Performing Essence Tai Chi improves the metabolism, evens breathing, and strengthens circulation. It then activates the cells in the deeper body, and massages the internal organs and relaxes the joints. The relaxation of joints during the performance of Essence Tai Chi ensures that Qi and blood will flow through our spine and large joints more thoroughly. Hence, it promotes and maintains health. On occasion, it has been known to cure illnesses. Essence Tai Chi is strongly recommended for its ability to promote and improve health and wellness.


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