Hormonal Imbalance
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Healing of Hormonal Imbalance


Hormone Glands and Hormones

1.       Pituitary: The master gland, which produces 9 hormones, including the growth hormone and hormones to control the other glands.

2.       Thyroid: Thyroid T3 and T4 hormones control the metabolism of the body.  It can be hypothyroidism (too low, gaining weight) or hyperthyroidism (to high - losing weight). Wilson syndrome has low T3 hormone, which leads to low body temperature.

3.       Parathyroid: Parathyroid hormone controls the calcium balance in the blood.

4.       Adrenal gland: Produces hormones to regulate water volume in blood and manage stress.

5.       Pancreas: Produces insulin to regulate blood sugar.

6.       Gonads: Produce male and female sex hormones.

7.       Pineal gland: Produces melatonin which regulates sleep pattern, body temperature, etc.

8.       Thymus: Produces hormone to regulate the production of T cells, a key component of immunity..

Internal Heat and Coldness Constitution

Hormonal imbalance is a complicated condition in Chinese medicine. It is a clear sign of kidney yin and kidney yang deficiency, manifested as the combination of internal heat and internal cold symptoms.

Physical Symptoms of Internal Heat

1.       Hot or sweat at the center of palms and feet

2.       Dry mouth with increased thirst

3.       Red color of the tongue body

Women only:

4.       Hot flashes during menopause

Physical Symptoms of Internal Coldness

1.       Cold hands and feet

Over sized tongue

2.       Intolerance to cold

3.       Wear many layers of clothes

4.       White thick coating at bottom of the tongue

5.       Oversized tongue with curved edges

Women only:

6.           Cold hip and leg during menopause

Body Signs of Hormonal Imbalance

The following body signs can help further confirm the hormonal imbalance condition:

1.       Buffalo hump at C7 area


Buffalo hump

2.       Bump at L5

3.       Dry and discolored skin at right medial ankle (KD3 area)


  Dry and discolored skin

4.       Painful GV22, GV20

5.       A visible depression at the entire lumbar spine area (T12, L1 to L4) with discolored skin and persistent lower back pain

Discolored lumbar depression

Libido is Likely a Problem

A good portion of of patients with hormonal imbalance condition experience libido problems too. Once the hormonal condition is cured, the libido should come back naturally.

Healing Renewing Patients Life

Patients experience distinct comfort during each healing session and enjoy some of the benefits below:

      More energetic

    Warming the extremities

      Cooling the body

    Lower back pain disappeared

      Libido restored

    Tongue size reduced


Hormonal imbalance is a complicated condition. However, with our Premier Treatment Routine, most uncomfortable symptoms can be removed in about 5 healing sessions. To completely change the constitution, 15 healing sessions or more may be needed. If completely treated, it is unlikely that one will experience other hormonal conditions.


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