Childhood Asthma
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Healing Childhood Asthma

Profound Treatment without Side Effects

Asthma is a chronic disorder that responds to acupuncture and Qigong healing very well - especially in young children. Most children with asthma who are less than 13 years old will experience profound improvement in approximately five sessions. Most importantly, our asthma healing requires no medication: there are no side effects.

Common Related Symptoms

Most asthma patients have dry or itchy skin. In addition, they may also have some of the following symptoms:

   Dry/itchy skin

   Loss of concentration



   Dry mouth

   Heat/sweat at centers of palms and feet

   Red tongue

   Cold at the tips of fingers and toes

These symptoms are the examples of the low kidney energy constitution in Chinese medicine, coupled with poor immunity, which is the cause of allergy. Both factors must be treated to prevent asthma attacks.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a disease in which the airways become blocked or narrowed. These effects are usually temporary, but they cause shortness of breath, breathing difficulty, and other symptoms. If an asthma episode is severe, a person may need emergency treatment to restore normal breathing. If asthma is not treated appropriately, the condition can worsen over time and require more intensive intervention.

An asthma episode can be triggered by things in the environment. These triggers vary from person to person, but common ones include cold air, allergens such as dust mites, mold, pollen, animal dander, or cockroach debris. Exercise and some types of viral infections can also trigger an asthma episode.

Trend of Childhood Asthma

Asthma ranks among the most common chronic conditions in the United States. The number of children with asthma has more than doubled in the past 15 years. In 1980, 2.3 million American children had asthma. In 1995, the number of affected children had risen to 5.5 million.

Why Do Asthma Attacks Occur?

For an asthma patient, asthma attack is a time of difficult breathing. When the airways come into contact with an asthma trigger, the tissue inside the bronchi and bronchioles becomes inflamed. At the same time, muscles surrounding the airways constrict, causing a narrowing of the airways. A thick fluid (mucus) enters the airways, making them swell. The breathing passages are narrowed even more, and breathing is hampered. Below are some symptoms of an asthma attack:

   Harder to breathe out

   Pain in chest

   Very noisy breathing




Prevention Living a Better Life Style

As prevention is the best medicine, young asthma patients can prevent or lessen the chance of an asthma attack by:

     Going to bed at a reasonable time by 9:00 pm

     Practicing relaxed exercises like Tai Chi

     Reducing exposure to triggers

     Avoiding mucus producing foods

     Reducing cold foods

     Avoiding deep fried, grilled or spicy foods

     Avoiding exercises in the cold air

     Strengthening the immune system

Healing Renewing Patients Life

Patients will experience distinct comfort during each healing session and enjoy some of the benefits below:

      More tolerance to allergens

      Diminished dry skin

      More energy

      Reduced headaches

      Easier breathing

      Less moody

      Palm and feet temperature evened

      Better concentration

      Less thirst

Our Asthma Healing Process

Our asthma healing consists of a multi-step process. One asthma healing series involves 5 sessions. Childhood asthma can generally be healed within one healing series, although this is affected by the patients low kidney energy constitution and other health conditions. Once asthma is eased, it is recommended to treat and heal the related conditions mentioned above. Asthma healing addresses the underlying weakness in the constitution. Results are long lasting.

Distance Healing Is An Option for Remote Patients

If you live far away from our office, how about giving our amazing distance healing services a try. We have helped many patients remotely.


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