How is my physical status?
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Be The Best Health Advocate for Yourself


Most people search for medical help when they experience obvious symptoms such as headaches, injuries, aches, pain or restricted movements. Often, we  ignore the silent signals that our body presents. If you care about your health, please pay attention to your body's signals.

One day you brush your hair, and it is kind of sensitive around the hairs in some areas. It is because internal heat starts rising to the head. If you feel the root of your hair is painful, even without touching it, then attention must be paid immediately.

If you notice a new mole, an increase in the size of a mole, or a color change in a mole, please do not ignore it. It may be a signal from your body that an illness is developing.

Hard "nuts" or bumps beneath your skin are not extra bones. They are blockages of qi and need attention to prevent development of problems.

If your neck is tight and stiff much of the time, please pay attention to it. Our neck is the transportation hub between our brain and body. The nerves and blood vessels present in this area operate at their best from relaxed muscles so that circulation and nerve transmission is optimum.

If you have a dry mouth, a bitter taste, bad smell from your mouth, cracks on the surface of your tongue,  or a change of shape or color of your tongue, please seek help. The tongue is the most visible and direct connection to the status of our blood and internal organs.

If the temperature or color of a particular part of your skin is different from the surrounding skin, it is a signal of a blood circulation problem. 

If you experience soreness, numbness, distention, heaviness, pain, heat, or cold, this is a sensation of pathogen qi. This is a signal for help from the part of your body presenting the symptom.

If you feel tired regularly, experience shortness of breath, headaches or fainting, please don't ignore these signals. 

If you are uncomfortable, afraid, or irritated for no reason, it may be because something is amiss in one of your organs.

If the color of a scar from trauma or surgery has changed or the scar is much higher than the surrounding skin, please make a note of it. If you press it lightly and it is painful, please seek medical attention.

When you are receiving a Tuina treatment, the treated area will be painful. The degree and nature of the pain is the gauge which you can also use to determine the seriousness of your illness. 

Sometimes, with the tips mentioned above, you can help the people around you. We are certain that you would like to see your relatives and friends in radiant good health.

Do you know that once you recognize the extent of an illness you might have, you are 50% cured? Many people do not recognize what is happening in their bodies. Some may learn about it too late for an effective cure! It is far easier to prevent a disease than to cure it.

In Chinese medicine, the top healers treat illnesses before they completely form.  Everyone knows that the earlier you treat an illness, the easier it is to treat,  so don't wait!


Disclaimer: All "Health Tips" are provided for your information only.  We take no responsibility for any consequences provided from use of this information. If you have a medical condition, seek advice from a reputable, licensed health provider. 


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