DNA Switch - Parkinson's healing
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Parkinsonís Disease Over Easy

Pursuit of a DNA Switch

When first diagnosed having a condition called Parkinson's Disease, my first responses were morbid. I thought, "I'm going to die - Oh my God". Finally, after I finished swallowing in fear and anxiety I realized everyone dies eventually, could be a bus or slipping on a fruit peel.  What is different is the quality of life lived up to that point, the point of finally leaving the body - and maybe beyond. Quality of life equals quality of thought. I soon perceived also that the search for my own healing was going to take a big part in my life from now on. I had to make a decision to see it as a burden or received as a creative challenge. I could choose to be creative with all the parts left me to live and play on this stage of a world (as Shakespeare called this ďmortal coil").

I started with the traditional western medical approach where there is no recognized cure, only alleviation of symptoms. Pill for this; pill for that. Or surgery of some kind, especially the brain. Then a series of events led me to a gentleman healer named Owen Liao. I met him through a friend who is also avidly pursuing alternative means of healing Parkinsonís.

Notice I said healing, not just a palliative. My friend and I are flying in front of the AMA, which believes for the most part that there is no cure for PD. Weíll see.

Dr Liao works with several energy modalities, including acupuncture, TongRen and TuiNa. The energy behind it all is called Qi (also other names chi or ki or prana). On my first visit Owen's credentials seemed first class, and I gained confidence by his positive nature. I soon found him to be endlessly positive in manner. Every question or comment came with a twist of real hope or statement of the positive side of the situation at hand. His state of consciousness kept reminding me that I too needed to remember that side of my nature. This is a necessary part of healing, at least if one is to be a part of one's own healing.

My first session began.  I walked in to a room with all my symptoms in full bloom.  Shuffling feet. Rigid upper body. Speech patterns changed. Cramping back muscles. Tremors, especially in the right hand (it's trying it's best to be recognized as a lobster claw). And a perception of internal weakness, especially in the claw - my left hand was always trying to help the right one when shaving. Others.

I sat down and we began. Owen took pictures and movies of my walk and movement and color. But let me skip to the end, rather than try to describe the energy procedures of his healing practice.  At the end of our time, he photographed me again, and I knew immediately there were changes. I felt the power which had come back to my arms and hands ! And I walked properly again ! The difference was amazing, and gave me the feedback I needed. Something actually worked. Dr Liao had performed a miracle in my eyes. I knew he could continue to help me conquer this pernicious condition eventually. During one session, a thought expressed by Owen struck me as extremely important. (Paraphrased ) - The condition may only require the flipping of a DNA strand, basically pulling a genetic switch using QiGong. I donít see why not. Every cell in the body has the coding necessary to recreate the body of every other cell, in both form and function. I perked right up to that thought. Western medicine should be perked up also. They should be perked up at a number of opportunities. But Iím not waiting around for that to happen.

I wish Owen the best in the future.  During our sessions, he has taught me further to understand and perceive the energies around me. He would say I was born that way, and I have some training, but he has given me some of the final pieces of the puzzle for my healing, which I am pursuing. And my art has come back strongly.

To laugh with Owen is almost enough healing in itself, and for that I thank him also. For his perception of my energy, I thank him. And when the time is right, he'll gently send me off into the world again, to face my life positively.  I encourage anyone to experience Owen's form of healing, anyone who is ready to be healed and work at it with a proper perception of what that entails.

I perceive right now that many others will come to him seeking release from Parkinson's. I encourage those people to go laughing, laughing with their heart. In that pursuit one has control of oneís self, and fear no longer rules.



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