All Acupuncturists are Not Created Equal
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All Acupuncturists Are Not Created Equal

My Search for the Best Acupuncture Treatment

I first came to Master Liao for treatment in August 2006. About a couple of years ago, I took a bad fall, fracturing both of my ankles. For two months, I wore a hard cast on one leg and a soft cast on the other, after which I transferred to braces for ankle support and eventually used a walker for the duration of my healing process. After four months, I was told by my orthopedist that the fractures had healed completely and that I could safely resume all of my routine activities. Despite this clean bill of health, I experienced occasional pain in both ankles and both legs. Over a period of time, the pain escalated and became more frequent, nagging me almost constantly, particularly at night, and affected my ability to get a good night’s rest. I decided that I would utilize natural methods for dealing with the pain, rather than rely on prescription or over the counter medication for relief, so I decided to pursue acupuncture treatments.


Although my most immediate health-related problem at that time involved my ankles and legs, I was also aware of the fact that I had a number of other less serious health problems. After learning of Master Liao’s practice, I went for my first treatment. His initial evaluation confirmed the other problems that I had been experiencing. After only a few treatment sessions, I felt considerable relief. There were long periods of time where I felt no pain or discomfort at all. I am very grateful for Master Liao’s expertise and for the successful treatments that I’ve received thus far. I continue to receive treatments for this condition as well as for other health-related problems.


Several months after my initial treatment, I woke up one morning and was almost unable to get out of bed. My back had almost completely locked. My mind immediately flashed back to the time, a number of years ago, when I first experienced this situation and was diagnosed with sciatica. Unfortunately, I was not unfamiliar with this type of excruciating pain. At that time, after an unsuccessful attempt to gain relief through conventional therapy, I decided to try acupuncture as a last resort. Of course, this was with a different acupuncturist. I was amazed that after only four or five treatments, the back pain was completely gone. Long afterward, I experienced no apparent signs of sciatica. It was that experience that made me into a true believer in traditional Chinese medicine.


During this last experience, as I slowly attempted to move around that morning, the muscles in my back tightened and the pain intensified. I immediately called Master Liao and explained the situation. He suggested that I come in right away, which I did with some assistance, as I was unable to drive. The slightest movement of turning my head from side to side caused more discomfort. My only expectations from my visit to Master Liao that day (which I considered to be high for this type of problem) were that the pain would be diminished this first time and that I would be pain-free after maybe four or five treatments, as I had experienced years ago with the other acupuncturist who first treated me for sciatica. Directly after my session with Master Liao that day, I was completely astonished when I was able to get off the treatment table with absolutely no pain. Courageously, I attempted to bend over and touch my toes, which I did easily and with no pain whatsoever. I was extremely relieved and grateful. There was, however, a slight “nudge” in my back, which reminded me of why I came to see Master Liao that day. However, the remaining pain only constituted about 5% of the original pain that I had felt. I am happy to say that the remaining 5% disappeared within several days after that treatment.


One of the other problems which I referred to earlier is carpal tunnel syndrome, which developed to a point where I was forced to wear a wrist brace from time to time. During this period of time, I also received treatment from Master Liao for this condition. As a result, I have experienced tremendous relief with only an occasional minor flare up.


I continue to receive treatment for the other conditions, and I am pleased to be able to share accounts of my healing success with others who may suffer from similar conditions, or who may just be doubtful or curious about the effectiveness of acupuncture treatments, as I once was years ago. I consider it a blessing to have found Master Liao in my search for healing and for the right acupuncturist. I find that he is knowledgeable, skillful, and provides quality care. He is excellent in accommodating all of my questions regarding my condition, the treatment process, or acupuncture in general. Master Liao is the third acupuncturist from whom I have received treatment for various conditions over the years, and he has treated the most serious of those conditions. Through this process, I have learned that all acupuncturists are not created equal.  I can only reiterate that I consider it a blessing to have found Master Liao in my search for healing and for the right acupuncturist.


In Gratitude,




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