Playing Basketball with President Obama
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 Playing Basketball with President Obama

- by having arthritis from family genetic makeup 


Basic information:


Condition: Arthritis in the family
Age: 44


Thank you for all of your treatments over the years related to my arthritis. It is amazing that I am able to play basketball again and live a normal life without having to endure substantial pain in both of my knees.


Several years ago I was told by a well respective Sports Medicine Doctor that I had significant arthritis in both of my knees that was caused by my genetic makeup. I vividly remember my parents complaining about their knees and having a very hard time walking later in life.


After two surgeries, the Doctor instructed me to stop playing basketball, my lifelong passion, and to do research on arthritis to figure out the best course of action to relieve the pain. I thought it was odd that such a well respected Doctor would advise me to search the internet to resolve the arthritic pain, but after several years of learning about Eastern form of Medicine, I am no longer surprised. Western Medicine has not been able to figure out how to resolve arthritic pain like acupuncture.


Your energy and acupuncture treatments have immensely changed my life. Aside from no longer having a limp when walking, I have been fortunate enough to play basketball with President Obama on several occasions. I owe that incredible opportunity to you for allowing me to still play the game of love.


I highly recommend your services to anyone who puts a premium on living a good healthy life.

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