February 2007
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Press Release, February 2007

Essence Tai Chi Performance

 Celebrate Chinese New Year - Year 2007  

Tai Chi is the best general, all-purpose exercise for everyone -- from young children to the elderly. Tai Chi was first revealed in BeiJing about 200 years ago by Master Yang Lu Chan, the first generation Master of Yang style Tai Chi. 

Yang Lu Chan was a master of GongFu. One day while walking down the street, he observed a group of gangsters rush into an herbal store. As he felt something bad was going to happen, he watched the store. Shortly, all of the gangsters were thrown out of the store. Master Yang observed the fighting technique used by the staff. Despite his experience in GongFu, he was unable to recognize the style of GongFu. Curious, he entered the store and asked the manager about the style of GongFu which they practiced. The manager advised him that it was a family Chen tradition that was not shared with outsiders. Master Yang decided to track it down. He went to the Chen family village 400 miles away and worked as a servant in the front yard for many years without learning any thing. One day he heard a series of Ha-Hoo sounds coming from the back yard. As he was very curious, he climbed up a tree and saw the Chen family practicing Tai Chi behind the high fence. After seeing this, he tried to learn Tai Chi by secretly observing their practice. Eventually, he was caught stealing the Chen family's technique. Fortunately, the Chen family recognized his talent and made him the first non-family Tai Chi student. After 2 years of study, he mastered the technique and returned to BeiJing. With the knowledge of Tai Chi, he became very famous in GongFu. He became the first non-Chen family master of Tai Chi. 

Tai Chi is a very gentle and calming exercise. It helps people increase their both inner energy and strength. People call it "Meditation in Motion." The practice of Tai Chi improves the metabolism, evens the breath, and strengthens the body's circulation. It stimulates the cells deep within the body and massages the ligaments, joints and internal organs. During the practice of Tai Chi, the joints are bathed in chi resulting in a stronger and smoother energy flow. By using more muscles than required in daily life, the practice of Tai Chi promote better balance, mobility, quality of life and confidence. 

Master Owen Liao created the Essence Tai Chi routine. Because of its ease of practice and short time requirement to practice, Essence Tai Chi aims to improve the overall health for people with a busy life style. It takes 8 hours to learn and only 4 minutes to perform within a 6'x6' space. It delivers all the health benefit of Tai Chi. If practiced daily, it will improve mobility, balance and health.

The 15 movements:

1)          Beginning of Tai Chi

2)          Grasp Sparrow’s Tail

3)          Single Whip

4)          Lifting Hands

5)          White Crane Spreads Wings

6)          Brush Knee and Twist Step

7)          Needle at Sea Bottom

8)          Fan through the Back

9)          Fair Lady Works at Shuttles

10)      Punch Opponent’s Groin

11)      Turn Around and Deflect Downward

12)      Step Forward, Intercept and Punch

13)      Withdraw and Push

14)      Cross Hands

15)      Conclusion of Tai Chi


Master Owen Liao’s publication:

1.      Essence Tai Chi book

2.      Essence Tai Chi DVD

3.      Tai Chi Dao Yin Qigong 12 Movement DVD

4.      Eye Selfcare


Essence Tai Chi team:

     Master Owen Liao

     Mrs. Amy Du

     Mrs. Theresa Huang

     Mr. Murray Kramer  

     Mr. Stephen Leas

     Dr. Carl Myers


Chinese New Year celebration schedule:

1.  11:30am, 2/17/07, Saturday, at Aspen Hill Library, Rockville, Maryland, 20853

2.  1:00pm, 2/24/07, Saturday, at Potomac Library, Potomac, Maryland, 20854


Further information is available at www.EasternHealingCenter.com.


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