Eye Care by Yourself
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Eye Care by Yourself  

We are the first generation of human kind on earth to use our eyes so much. But the trend is still only accelerating. We have to begin to take care of our eyes in the right way.

Eye Anatomy - Ciliary Body

The ciliary body is a muscle group that controls the shape of the lens. It is responsible for our ability or inability to see near or far. The muscle group is located at the inner edge of both eye bones above and below.

Near Sighted Eyes

The lens is overly curved or your eyeball is too long, which brings images of distant objects to a focus point in front of the retina.

Far Sighted Eyes

The lens is too flat or your eyeball is too short, which causes the focus point of the eye to be located behind the retina.


The lens has a non-smooth shape and cannot bring light to focus at a single point. Instead, it focuses images over a range of points producing a blurred image.

Importance of Your Life Style

1. Sufficient light for reading. When watching the screen on a computer or a TV, take your eyes off the screen every hour.

2. Occasionally blinking, will cause your eyes to produce more fluid. This can prevent you from getting dry eyes.

3. Pay attention to your eyes. When there are any symptom like irritability, dryness, burning sensation, poor vision or blurred vision, please take actions to protect your eyes immediately.

4. Foods with vitamin A, C, and lutein are good for the eyes.

Eye Selfcare

Before performing the following procedures on your eyes, please relax yourself and have your eyes closed loosely.


     With the eyes closed, slowly rotate the eyeballs clockwise 3 times, and then counter clockwise 3 times.

     Close the eyes, and mimick focusing objects very far, then focus back to objects very near. Repeat 9 times.


     Massage both eyes with your hands. Before massaging, wash your hands and keep nails short.

     Gently rub the following 12 points in a circular motion, 9 times for each point.

     Locate the points according to the Point Chart of the Eye on the right.

     To help find the precise location around the eyes, at JingMing, you will find a bump the size of a grain of rice at the inner corner of the eye. For all other 11 points, you should find a dent on the surface of the eye bone under the tip of your finger.

Points on the bone above the eye

Points on the bone below the eye

1. JingMing (睛明, the inner corner)

7. Eyecare 1 (below JingMing)

2. TienYin (天應, below the tip of the eye brow)

8. Eyecare 2 (1/6 eye width toward the nose from Eyecare 3)

3. YuYao (魚腰, the middle of the eye brow)

9. Eyecare 3 (below the pupil)

4. SiZhuKong (絲竹空, above the tail of the eye brow)

10. Eyecare 4 (1/6 eye width toward the ear from Eyecare 3)

5. TongZhiLiao (瞳子髎, the outer corner)

11. Eyecare 5 (below SiZhuKong)

6. TaiYang (太陽, 1 outside the outer corner)

12. Eyecare 6 (below TongZhiLiao)

13. Use the back of the thumbs to slide right over the middle of the eyeballs from the nose to ear direction gently while the eyes are closed. Repeat 3 times.

14. With the eyes closed, use the second joint of the index finger to slide over the lower edge of the bone above eyes from the nose to ear direction, and then the upper edge of the bone below the eyes. Repeat 3 times.


Rub both palms together real fast until they feel hot, then cover over both eyes for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times.


If you would like to own a laminated copy of this double sided letter size work, please purchase it from our online book store. It comes with an enlarged point chart and a mini vision chart.


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