Childhood/Teenage Stress
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Healing Childhood/Teenage Stress

          What Is Childhood Stress?

Stress is a response to any event that creates a negative or positive, emotional or physical change. People have natural responses to stress that allow them to survive. Experience helps us to deal better with stress. Children learn to respond to stress by personal experience and by observation. By not having enough experience, their capabilities to deal with stress are lessened. The greater the number of stressors a child has to bear, the less control the child has over the stressor. Hence, children tend to get stressed very easily.

Lack of Energy - The Physical Cause of Childhood Stress

More importantly, energy is the underlying power source to deal with stress. Stress is an emotional condition as well as a physical condition. When one is stressed, one’s body will be tight, usually beginning from the shoulders and neck. If the stress is persistent, one will have fatigue, a sign of low energy. Furthermore, a child’s energy base is smaller than an adult’s energy base. They are therefore unlikely to be capable of dealing with severe events.

Our body reacts to stress by physical or emotional activities. Both require energy. When one is lacking energy, the body will arrange some kind of barrier, usually time or space, for the purpose of protection. Below are some possible behaviors from stressed children:

Behavioral Symptoms


Staying away from puplics

By creating a comfortable barrier of time and space, one will feel more secure passively.

Easy to be irritated or annoyed

By showing aggressive emotion with the hope of playing down the target.

Unwilling to let you out of sight

By keeping the safe keeper around, one will naturally feel safe.

Triggers - Highly Stressful Events

Stress is essential to children’s life. However, some unavoidable severe events could trigger more symptoms:

- Death of family members

- Severe accident or illness

- Family crisis like divorce, financial hardship, etc.

- Public tragedy or trauma like 9/11 event

Potential Consequence - Unresolved Childhood Stress

When children experience unresolved stress, long term consequences could develop such as:

- Anxiety                   - Depression              - Moodiness              - Aggressive behavior

Common Physical Symptoms

Physically, as childhood stress is caused by a lack of energy, stressed children are likely to have some of these physical symptoms:

ű       Warm at the center of the palms while finger tips are cold

ű       Headaches

ű       Fatigue

ű       Inability to control urination

ű       Vague stomach pain

ű       Loss of concentration

Prevention - What Parents Can Do?

While children are developing their own skills to cope with stress constantly, parents can pay attention to their children and build up their stress management skills as part of the daily routine:

˛     Sharing life experience with kids progressively

˛     Being sensitive to children’s behavior

˛     Helping develop relaxation skills

˛     Managing the stress level at home

Healing – Renewing Children’s Life

Childhood stress is an emotional condition, as well as a physical condition. Since a child’s energy base is small, it is easier to treat compared to adult cases. The younger the age, the easier to cure. In most cases, childhood stress can be cured in about 5 healing sessions. If there are other physical conditions, more healing sessions may be required. The good news is that it can be easily treated. Children will experience distinct comfort during stress healing and enjoy some of the benefits below:

ü      Relaxation

ü       Happiness

ü    Better concentration

ü     Better breathing

ü      Calmness

ü       Less fatigue

ü    Better relationships

ü     Improved school work

Distance Healing Is An Option for Remote Patients

If you live far away from our office, how about giving our amazing distance healing services a try. We have helped many patients remotely.


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