Meridian Tong Ren Therapy
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Meridian Tong Ren Therapy


Master Owen Liao integrated Tong Ren Therapy and Chinese medicine meridian principles to create Meridian Tong Ren Therapy. The therapy employs six levels of energetics:

1)      Energetic sources: Jing or essence, Qi or vital force, and Shen or spirit.

2)      Prenatal energetics: Du, Ren, Chong, Dai, Yin Chao, Yang Chao, Yin Wei and Yang Wei. They are also known as eight extra meridians.

3)      Energetic functions: Zhang, Fu, Qi, Blood, Tendon, Vessel, Bone, Marrow.

4)      Tom Tamís healing system: HuaTo JaJi and Qi Loop, etc.

5)      Physiologic energetics: 12 regular meridians.

6)      Effective points: empirical points, trigger points, ashi points, scars, etc.


Based on the six levels of energetics, Master Liao has developed more than 20 protocols. Below are some examples:

1)      Tonify prenatal qi, postnatal qi, yin organs, etc.

2)      Clear yin deficiency heat, blockage of yin/yang meridians, etc.

3)      Regulate hormones, blood, immunity, etc.

4)      Strengthen memory, muscle, tendon, vessel, bone and spine, etc.

5)      Cleanse and nourish brain

6)      Depression recovery

7)      Remove stasis and detox organs

8)      Waistline management, prolapsed organs

9)      Prevent degeneration, hay fever, etc.

10)  Stroke sequelae, sports injury, etc.

Below is a statement from Master Liao on Meridian Tong Ren Therapy:

I use acupuncture point combinations to direct qi and perform certain functions of healing under each protocol. Instead of needling on the patient, Tong Ren Therapy puts needles on the Tong Ren. Then I apply a laser beam onto the most related energetic source, which directs the qi charge to the whole body during the healing process. Each kind of protocol above consists of two to four energetic levels, which depend on the type of healing objective. Because the therapy benefits from sending the collective unconscious energy into our energetic source, it is strong enough to empower healing for the other levels. It can be really powerful in many ways. For example:

1)      Amplified energy: With collective unconscious, practitionerís energy is amplified.

2)      Spaceless: With collective unconscious, remote healing is often used.

3)      Easy protocol: Essentially, we can use any type of acupuncture protocol here. The objective of the protocol is to balance the energy level of particular meridians.  


Master Liao usually performs Meridian Tong Ren Therapy using the following steps:

1)      Charge energetic source by feeding collective unconscious energy

2)      Direct qi to the illness meridians

3)      Focus on the local illness

 About 2 minutes after the healing begins, individuals will feel some warmth, coolness, tightness, soreness, tingling, sleepiness, or even lifted by the qi. In general, the more healing sessions, the stronger the sensation of qi is experienced. During a healing session, the qi sensation usually scatters to the four limbs first. Then, it gradually fills up the limbs, and is followed by the torso. During the healing process, some could feel the moving sensation of qi. For some, the moving force is deep and strong, but for others, it could be shallow and thin. The healing is quite enjoyable if one can feel the qi. If not, it is still effective, but may be boring for the patients.

 Meridian Tong Ren Therapy is appropriate for the following cases:  

1)      Lack of exercise, sports injuries, pain or cramps in limbs, etc.

2)      Elderly degeneration prevention, osteoporosis, etc.

3)      Hormone and immune imbalance such as hay fever, menopause, etc.

4)      Stress or depression, loss of memory and disturbing dreams, etc.

5)      Chronic fatigue, overweight, slow metabolism and prolapsed organs, etc.

6)      Sequelae of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, stroke and surgery, etc.

7)      Long-term medication, overdosage of vitamins, etc.

During the treatment, it is essential to keep yourself warm, and avoid wind and cold. Please "dry wash" your hands and face right after the healing and wait for 5 minutes before going outdoors into a cold temperature.


Eastern Healing Center provides Qigong healing, Pi Gu healing, Holistic Weight Loss, Distance Healing, Acupuncture and Tai Chi in Gaithersburg, Rockville, Potomac, and Germantown in Montgomery county, Maryland, and the whole Washington DC area.

Eastern Healing Center is located near the Old Towne Gaithersburg. Our office is only about 1 mile north to Rockville; 12 miles north to Bethesda, Silver Spring and Wheaton; 4 miles south to Germantwon and 6 miles east to Potomac. Gaithersburg is at the center of Montgomery county, Maryland. Montgomery County is a suburban county located in the state of Maryland, north of Washington DC.

Gaithersburg is surrounded by Rockville, Takoma Park, Barnesville, Bethesda, Brookeville, Chevy Chase, Darnestown, Germantown, Glen Echo, Kensington, Kentlands, Montgomery Village, North Potomac, Potomac, Silver Spring, Wheaton, etc.


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