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Healing of ADD/ADHD



Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) both are considered to be the same condition in Chinese medicine. In the U.S.A., about 4% to 6% of the population has ADD/ADHD. Without proper healing, ADD/ADHD usually persists throughout a person's lifetime. If not treated, more than 50% of them will have a more difficult time developing a career. Below is a list of common behaviors of ADD/ADHD in children:

Common ADD/ADHD Behavior

       Makes careless mistakes

       Hard time listening

       Cant sit still

       Difficulty in schoolwork

       Loss of concentration


       Talk too much/fast

       Hard time staying on task

       Difficulty making friends



       Difficulty learning

Children with ADD/ADHD are likely to have some of the following physical symptoms:

Common ADD/ADHD Physical Symptoms

       Heat at the center of the palms and feet

       Shortness of breath


       Body is generally hot

       Nighttime urination

       Stiffness of neck

Low Kidney Energy The Primary Physical Cause

Kidney energy is the underlying energy source for mental power. When the kidney energy is low, the energy is not sufficient and strong enough to deliver energy adequately to the top of the head. The neck will feel stiff and the qi and blood delivered to the frontal lobe will be limited. When the energy in the frontal lobe is low, some of the mental functions will shut down and behavior will manifest as ADD/ADHD. Our right frontal lobe governs emotion and memory and the left frontal lobe is responsible for reasoning and logical analysis. Hence, ADD/ADHD children will have both emotional and learning problems.

Prevention Living a Better Lifestyle                       

As prevention is the best medicine, patients can prevent or lessen the symptoms of ADD/ADHD by:

     Practicing relaxed exercises like Tai Chi

     Going to bed at a reasonable time by 9:00 pm

     Avoiding deep fried, grilled or spicy foods

     Reducing the exposure to TV, internet and video games

Healing Renewing an ADD/ADHD Patients Life

ADD/ADHD is both an emotional and a physical condition. Since a childs energy base is small, treatment of ADD/ADHD is very effective for children. The younger the child, the easier it is to provide a cure. In most cases, ADD/ADHD can be improved in approximately 5 healing sessions. However, if there are other physical conditions, more healing sessions may be required. The best news is that children will experience better schoolwork and have more friends. According to our experience, most of ADD/ADHD children are very smart. Once the ADD/ADHD behavior is stopped, they will appear more mature and rational. Patients will experience distinct comfort during each healing session and enjoy some of the benefits below:



    Better concentration

     Smoother breathing


       Less fatigue

    Better relationships

     Improved schoolwork

Our ADD/ADHD healing consists of a multi-step process. One ADD/ADHD healing series consists of 5 sessions. Depending on the stage of the patients condition, for complete healing, 2 to 5 of these healing series may be required. Healing is profound.

A Successful Treatment Story for an 11 Year Old Boy

My son started treatment for ADHD with Owen Liao and the results have been wonderful for him, his family, his friends and teachers. After his first treatment, as he was getting off the treatment table, I saw such peace in his face something that I had never seen before. It was as if for the first time in his life, the need for ceaseless activity had been suspended. He could enjoy a moment of peace. His teacher has noticed that he has been doing better in school and staying on task. He is taking responsibility for his schoolwork and does not have to be reminded (and hounded) to do his work. He just settles down and does it. He is happier and has made more friends. At times, he is more cheerful and offers to help at times. I know he will never be "perfect" - he is still a child, but I see a vast improvement in his behavior and self-esteem. It is so nice to see the happiness in him after his treatments.

From his perspective - I used to not be very happy but when Owen treated me, Ive gotten happier and Ive made more friends. I have gotten better organized with my schoolwork. I have more energy and I also am calm now.  

Distance Healing Is An Option for Remote Patients

If you live far away from our office, how about giving our amazing distance healing services a try. We have helped many patients remotely.


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